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Hello. And Bye.



Beautiful dresses for sure. They are stunning. Definitely a Show Stopper. Had several compliments. Judges were AMAZED!! Thank you so much!

Your Amazing!



As promised months ago, a picture of the dress finally hitting the floor. Did a local competition a few weeks ago and the dress was a one-of-kind in the midst of all the others. Received soooo many compliments! Wearing something so amazingly beautiful (and blindingly blingy) made me step up my game. No hiding in the crowd, that’s for sure. Consistently placed in top three of all heats. YAY! Very large package of replacement stones arrived from UK after I registered the dress. Next comp planned for Las Vegas in July and this dress will definitely go with me to wow the judges there. You know, it’s like that movie about the traveling pants. This dress might actually have magical powers. ;) Again, thank you for all. Hope you are not having that crazy snow weather in Florida. That’s just weird to hear on our news.

Best, Jean